Venom 2: Spider-Man probably only in Venom 3

 In the comics, Spider-Man and Venom have a long history. As has now been confirmed, the two opponents could soon meet in the cinema. Hopefully this will be a neat fight with a lot of action. Here you will learn all the new information about the exciting meeting between Spidey and Venom. The expulsion of Spider-Man from the MCU caused a few months ago shock for the fans. Meanwhile, the friendly spider from the neighborhood but back again. Tom Holland will be part of the MCU for a limited time, at least. For the young superhero, the danger of Spider-Man: Far From Home is far from over. A fight between him and his cartoon nemesis Venom is becoming more likely.
Venom director Ruben Fleischer looks very similar. A crossover between the antihero and Spider-Man is almost inevitable: "Everything will go there, and that's exciting, because we've changed Venom's origins … in the comics he's developed from Spider-Man, but because of the Marvel Sony thing was not possible for us, and that's why I think it's the thing that it's moving towards and that's going to be exciting to see when they're actually facing each other. "
The clash could take a while yet. After all, in phase 4 of the MCU, Spidey starts swinging into another solo adventure. Venom also has to defend himself in a second movie against a personal enemy. He'll be dealing with the infamous rogue Carnage. The crossover could therefore take place at the earliest in a possible Venom 3.
What would you think about a fight between Venom and Spider-Man? Venom 2 starts on October 2, 2020 in American cinemas. Spider-Man 3 will follow on July 16, 2021. Neither of the two films has an official German start date yet.

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